TABSCAN Upgrade Summary of May, 2020

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Hyundai,Kia V4.00 Upgrade Notice
1. Added Hyundai, Kia, Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, service function easy access.
2. Added 8 new commonly used special functions: injection programming, DPF regeneration, ABS bleeding, suspension matching, headlight matching, door and window matching, seat matching, immo.
3. Added special functions to support vehicle diagnosis: write VIN code, user options, ETC test (option), fuel leak test, CVVT test, etc.
4. Optimized the filtering of diagnostic system.
5. Optimized the version information filtering, optimize the judgment of the action test command, added the action test return button.

Honda,Acura V3.00 Upgrade Notice
1. Added 6 service functions such as oil service, SAS reset, battery matching, throttle reset, TPMS and EPB reset.
2. Added the range value of live data.
3. Added service function easy access of Honda and Acura.
4. Optimize VIN positioning to support all models from 1992 to 2020.
5. Optimize the entry and live data of the body control system.
6. Optimize the reading DTCs and clearing DTCs.
7. Optimize the menu of vehicle system.

Chrysler,Jeep,Dodge V3.70 Upgrade Notice
1.Support VIN positioning to 2019.
2.Added 2018-2019 year model diagnostic.
3.Added 2018-2019 year model common used service function, oil reset, EPB reset, ABS bleeding, SAS, throttle reset etc.
4.Added VIN reading and writing function.
5.Added Chrysler quick access in service menu.
6.Optimize old year model before 2003 basic functions such as system entry, version information, data flow, code reading and clearing.
7.Including Jeep and Dodge models.

Mahindra V4.11 Upgrade Notice
1.Add immobiliser link function.

TATA V3.42 Upgrade Notice
1.Add immobiliser link function.

Suzuki,Maruti V2.93 Upgrade Notice
1.Add immobiliser link function.

Immobiliser V3.01 Upgrade Notice
1.Fixed the mahindra clear codes failure issue.
2.Fixed some functions prompt errors issue.

T6wiScan V3.46 Upgrade Notice
1.Support porsche remote diagnosis.

wiScanPorsche V1.39 Upgrade Notice
1.Support porsche remote diagnosis.

wiScanVW V3.52 Upgrade Notice
1. Solve the problems of 2010 golf6 and 2013 lavida engine programming failure.
2. Solve the problem of 2018 passat clear DTC failure.

S7/S8 Lib V4.03 Upgrade Notice
1. Return the keyword to Diag Application even if the AddressCodeEnter Failed.
2. Fixed the bug that return the $7F negative response for TesterPresent Request to Diag Application.
3. Return the frame with Incorrect SN to the Diag Application For KWP1281 Protocol.
4. Optimize SetProtocolTypeFixed and SetFlowControlMode.
5. Add Support T6S VCI.

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