EPB Reset V2.37 version update notice

Announcement number: Browsing times: 361Release time:2019-05-10

Version  instructions

1.Added support for Dongfeng Nissan EPB function.
2.Added support for YemaAuto T70 EPB function.
3.Added support for Ford Fiesta EPB.
4.Added support for Lincoln MKX EPB.
5.Added support for EPB function of 13 models of GM.
6.Added support for EPB function of 8 models of Citroen.
7.Added support for EPB functions of 5 models of Ds.
8.Added support for EPB functions of 7 models of Vauxhall.
9.Added support for BMW G series G11/G12 chassis EPB function.
10.Added support for Hyundai Sonata 9 EPB features.
11.Solve the problem of entry failure of the BMW 135i EPB function system.
12.Solve the problem that the southeast auto DX7 EPB function meter lights the handle button.

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