Chery_NE V3.50 version update notice

Announcement number: Browsing times: 609Release time:2019-08-20

Version  instructions

1. Added Chery: Arrizo EX/GX, Tiggo 5x (T19), Tiggo 8 a total of 3 models.
2. Added Karry: K50 electric vehicle (Q26EV), K60 2018 model, K60 country five 1.5T model, K60EV, Q22LEV electric vehicle (Zhongbo) / Youyou EV, Q22LEV electric vehicle (autonomous) a total of 6 models.
3. Added Chery_EV: S32EV, Arrizo 5e (year-old car), Arrizo 7E, Tiggo 3xe, a total of 4 models.
4.Added Chery and Link Car (Karry, Riich, Rely, Chery_EV), anti-theft, gearbox matching, brake exhaust, vehicle maintenance function reset, EPB initialization, writing VIN code, 5 models Special functions such as tooth learning.
5. Added the automatic positioning function of each car. 

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